Ethnic Interpreters & Translators

Ethnic Interpreters & Translators

Aligning technology with business for Ethnic Interpreters and Translators: A case study


52nd Solution is a software development company that specialises in creating customised applications for small to medium businesses.

Offering mobile, web or cloud services, 52nd Solution’s main goal is to align technology with business. By showing clients how technology can improve their business operations – often in ways they weren’t even imagining – 52nd Solution helps their clients move their business into the digital age, and to the next level of success.

In this case study, you’ll see how 52nd Solution software developers created a customised web-based application for one of Australia’s biggest interpreting and translating organisations – Ethnic Interpreters and Translators – to help improve their daily workflows, save time and money, and ultimately provide a better service to their own clients.

What did Ethnic Interpreters and Translators need?

Ethnic is an agency that provides NAATI-accredited translators and interpreters to organisations in the areas of health and community (e.g. Australian Red Cross, NSW Ambulance), law enforcement (e.g. Australian Federal Police), tribunals and legal firms, government bodies (e.g. Department of Fair Trading), and privately owned corporates (e.g. AAMI, GIO, NRMA Insurance).

Ethnic had been using a combination of traditional methods (faxes, manual job entry) and a dated application to run their Australia-wide service. With a database of around 5000 interpreters and translators servicing their extensive client base, this was proving to be both time-consuming and uneconomical.

What they needed was a way to automate their business processes; a solution that simplified and streamlined their workflows and daily tasks of logging job requests, and matching translators and interpreters to suitable jobs.

And that’s exactly what 52nd Solution created for them.

What did 52nd Solution deliver?

52nd Solution custom-built an application using the latest Microsoft technologies and platforms to meet Ethnic’s ‘known needs’. The new automated system greatly reduced manual data entry and double-handling, and sped up the job requisition process – from logging requests to matching a contractor for the job, to generating invoices at the end.

This resulted in significant improvements in productivity, and time and cost savings.

But thanks to the way 52nd Solution does business, what Ethnic got was more than just a system that helped them with their daily tasks.

Built-in extras

What Ethnic’s new application also gave them, was extra functionality that they didn’t even know was possible, but would make their service run even more successfully and smoothly.

  • Integration with their telephone system, website, and video conferencing
  • Client and interpreter/translator login functionality
  • Interpreter/translator rating functionality
  • A scalable solution that allows personnel across 5 states to work as if from the same location
  • Comprehensive reporting (of past and present jobs) from one centralised system
  • Employee performance tracking (e.g. visibility on average time spent on tasks) to assess and
    improve staff productivity

Over the course of about 2 years, 52nd Solution has been smoothly transitioning Ethnic to their new application. Releasing monthly builds using their Agile sprints, 52nd Solution launched Ethnic’s new system without any interruption to their business. The busy translation agency was introduced to features gradually, in order of priority, as agreed and planned in the project planning phase.

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